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Hotel Executive Training & Development Program 

 Hotel Executive Training Program

Grooming: Personal Hygiene and Neatness

As hotel associates, we will be surrounded by high profile guests thus to increase confidence when interacting with them, a fresh body smell would certainly help.

Grooming is combination of all the following:



Your skin can suffer from various inappropriate cosmetics. It is therefore important to keep the skin clean and well moisturized.

Clean your face daily with a facial wash and moisturize it with a mild lotion. This will pave the way to a clear complexion. If you have acne, dry skin or other skin disorders, there are specific products, which help correct these skin conditions. However, if the problem persists, seek medical advice.


Good personal hygiene habits must be observed at all times. Daily shower is essential along with the use of an effective deodorant or anti-per spirant. To keep your body smelling fresh and clean throughout the day, deodorants, perfumes/colognes and body talc may be used. All fragrances used should complement each other and not ‘clash’. Perfumes/colognes should be used sparingly and should not have a scent that is too ‘heavy’ or ‘strong’.


Healthy hair is achieved by regular washing and conditioning. Use products that are suitable for your hair type - whether fine, thick, dry or oily. Hair treatments such as steaming and coloring should only be undertaken when necessary, as these treatments may cause more damage to the hair. A good haircut is worth as the style tends to hold its shape as your hair grows. Visit a reputable hair stylist who would be able to recommend appropriate styles for your hair type and face shape.


Proper eye care is often neglected in our daily routine. We only give our eyes an ‘eye bath’ when they become irritated by dust or dirt. In facts, proper eye-washing on a regular basis helps clean the lenses of our eyes and remove particles that are too small to irritate. Eyes need their ‘rest’ too. A proper sleep habit ensures ample ‘rest’ for your eyes and prevents ‘redness’, eye bags, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes.

If your eyesight has deteriorated and you need spectacles or contact lenses to see properly, then more attention should be given to your eyes to prevent further damage. Lens of spectacles and contact lenses should be cleaned regularly.

Spectacle frames should be simple and compliment the face shape and features. If dark lenses are prescribed by your doctor, make sure that your eyes can still be seen. Colored contact lenses are discouraged as they tend to look unnatural.


Most hotel associates will work closely with our guests. Oral hygiene is therefore essential. Good dental care consists of brushing your teeth after you awake and before you sleep. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth after every meal to help prevent bad breadth and the build-up of ‘plaque’. Plaque is a substance, which forms on the surface of your teeth and allows bacteria to live and breed in. Flossing your teeth also helps to prevent the accumulation of plaque. Using mouthwash will eliminate bad breadth.


The hands are frequently used as tools in communication with guests as well as serving them with food and drinks. The hands then become a vital part in the service process. Because we use them so often, it is important that we keep them clean at all times.

Hands should be washed frequently and nails should be kept clean and neatly trimmed. Use soap and hand disinfectant. Do not neglect the undersides of your nails as this is a good place for bacteria to breed. A nailbrush or an old toothbrush can be used to remove any dirt from underneath the nails.

Nails should not be allowed to grow more than 5 mm from the tip of the fingers.


Always wear fresh undergarments after showering. Recommended colors are flesh or white. Dark colored undergarments or those with motif designs must not be visibly worn.

Appearance and Neatness

Everyone have their own interpretation and definition of neatness. Hospitality industries will not let hotel associates to define and interpret what is neat to them. Different hotels define different appearance guidelines thus it is best for you to always follow their appearance guidelines at all times. The only golden rules for you – hotel associate is “Dress for the Job that you Want, NOT, Dress for the Cloth that you Have”.

These cover your clean and well-pressed uniforms, all its matching accessories, nametags etc.

The moment you stood up in public with your nice appearance and neatness people who sees you will judge you that you care with yourself as you would ready to care to guests.

Posture and Body Language

The way we stand, sit and walk is as important as whole impression of a well-groomed professional. The way we carry ourselves in public projects our personal image and sends messages around to guests as well as fellow hotel associates. People who see us leaning against the wall or sitting in a counter day dreaming will certainly form a bad impression in their mind.

Thus as hotel associates, always mind your posture and body language at all times by ensure the following:

  • Stand straight
  • Do not lean against anything
  • Sit upright – do not day dreaming
  • Use your hands appropriately when communicating
  • Never put your hand in pockets
  • Use your open palm when giving directions, better still walk the guest at least 10 feet
  • Display receptive body language and facial expression


A genuine smile is a universal language, it is cost nothing but often brighten other’s day. As hotel associate, genuine smile is an asset. Hotel is a place where guests and customers expect smiling faces around whilst cheerfully offer assistances and gestures.

Smile complete a well-groomed professional, without it, all the efforts in keeping your grooming ship-shape will mean nothing. Without it, leaving you, hotel associates, as colder as ice.

Being hotel associates, it is important for us leave all our personal problems behind whenever at work; exercise our genuine smile all the times. 

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